Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Exciting things are happening!

So I'm the first to admit...I am really a bad blogger. I think I spend more time apologizing for not writing than I spend actually writing.

Today I have some exciting news...I will be going to work at The Scrap Nook in Bolivar!

I am so excited about starting this new chapter in my life. Seriously, can any of you think of a more perfect job for me? My official first day is Dec. 3 but I may be there a couple days next week too.

Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone! And wish me luck on my new adventure!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Dreams do come true!!!!!!

Look at this picture!!!! Matt took it at the Peter Tork concert last night, and it was the only picture in the bunch that turned out well...but if I had to choose, I'd rather have this one picture than the dozen slightly blurry concert shots I got. Look at my face...that's pure joy, my friends...the kind of joy that can only be realized through the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. Like everyone else, I have a list of things I want to accomplish in my lifetime, and meeting Peter Tork has been right up there at the top of my list ever since I discovered the Monkees in 1985, a year or so before they went on their anniversary tour. I was 14, and going through a rough patch in my life. My home life wasn't the greatest, and the Monkees' story (that whole not having control over your own destiny thing) really struck a chord in me. Most kids can probably relate to that, but I really took it to heart. And Peter was the one I admired the most, especially after finding out about how much he struggled after the Monkees disbanded. He really inspired me to try to be a better person, corny and stupid as that may sound.

The reason I write this is because despite the euphoria I'm still feeling at finally having done something I've always wanted to do, I really have mixed feelings. The show was fantastic. The experience totally rocked. But after having built it up in my mind for the past 20-odd years, actually meeting Peter was slightly anticlimactic. He signed my cd. We took a picture. And I said to him, "I have been wanting to meet you since 1985." And he said, "Oh, have you?" And smiled. And that was it. And not only that, but there was a young man in line before me, who was obvioulsy developmentally disabled, who kept asking him questions. And Peter finally said to him, "Quit asking me so many questions. You're taking up too much of my time, and I have things I need to do tonight." Not cool, I thought. Never in a million years would I have thought he'd be an ass like that. I wanted to cry, because in a matter of seconds he'd crushed everything I'd ever thought about him. My plan was always that if I ever met him, I wanted to thank him for the profound effect he'd had on my teenage years, because I avoided a lot of things that could have really done me harm because of his influence. Honest to God. He was my hero. But after what I'd just witnessed, I didn't feel like I could trust him with something that came straight from my heart. Sadly enough.

So there it is. Dreams do come true. But they die hard. It's hard to realize that someone you admired for so many years is not only human, but not a very nice one at that. As I type this, I'm feeling a little sad, like I've lost a friend. And I'm feeling a little let down, because after all the years of looking forward to this, it's over now.

I have lots of other things I want to accomplish in life. But I really hope accomplishing them won't be as bittersweet as this. At any rate, I have closed this chapter in my life. No regrets. I've always said in regards to my love of the Monkees, some things you never grow out of. But I admit I was 36 years, I guess I've finally grown up.

Friday, July 13, 2007

The Wow Factor...

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Musings at McDonalds...

My daughter, McDonalds employee....! She is ridiculously excited about having her first job. She got her first paycheck on Friday. $330 and some change. Isn't that ridiculous??? Times sure have changed when I had my first job making $3-something an hour at Hecht's .

All that's missing is the picture, which she refuses to let me take. One of these days I'm going to have to sneak in with the camera and take some quick candids of her at work.

On the down side, I've been having to spend my weekends here because it's a 50 mile round trip to take her to work. It's not an issue during the week when Matt is working a few blocks away, but he's off on weekends and she usually isn't. I really wish the price of gas would go down so that I wouldn't have to stay in town all day. But on the plus side, McDonald's has free high speed internet, which isn't even available where we live, so I have been spending my time here online doing things I can only dream of at home...watching videos...being inspired by the gorgeous pages in the ck image! I wasn't supposed to divulge that little bit of information! LOL

I have been on a scrapping kick lately, starting a couple weeks ago when all the kids spent the week in Kansas City with relatives. Here is one of my favorite pages, a scraplift from the July/August Simple Scrapbooks:

Here's another I had fun with:

Yes, that's FIBER! I love fiber, whether it's "in" or not. It picks up the colors in McKenna's shirt perfectly and ads so much texture to the page. I had so much fun doing this layout I'm going to use the rest of my fiber stash making cards with a stitched fiber design.

And this will probably be the next picture I scrap:

I took a series of pictures of McKenna on the front porch in her Mexican sundress. She is such a little cutie, and still likes to have her picture taken, so I am enjoying the photo ops while I still can!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Have you heard of The Secret?

OMG...if you haven't, you need to go to and check it out. We bought the book at Border's, but you can get order it off the website. There is a dvd too. It's truly amazing. Basically, it's about the law of attraction and positive thinking. Did you know that everything in your life is there because you wanted it to be? Through your thoughts and actions, you create your own life. Sounds so simple, but who really consciously thinks about that as they go about their daily lives? I never did. If you are constantly depressed, and negative, that's what you attract. On the other hand, if you are positive and happy, you will attract good things. And one thing really hit home to me...the book says that you can't attract more into your life if you are not grateful for what you already have. Doesn't that make total sense? I have begun to start every day saying "thank you for my life." And continue to say thank you for everything that I have. My beautiful children and my husband. My new home. Even my piece of junk car, because at least I have transportation. And I have discovered that when you start the day with gratitude, it's impossible to have a bad day. Because you are so happy and uplifted by the thought of all the good things that are already in your life. Which, of course, opens the door for more blessings.

I wish I'd known all this sooner...

Thursday, February 15, 2007

I've been tagged!

Angie from the ckmb has tagged me today, so I've got to share five quirky things about me. Hmmm.

1. I'm 36 years old and have never had a manicure or a pedicure.

2. If I am staying home, I'm going to be wearing sweats or shorts, a t-shirt, and NO BRA. If no one is going to see my, why bother with the battle armor? I wanna be free... :)

3. My favorite foods are marzipan, Kozy Shack rice pudding, hummus & pita chips and Philly subs from Arby's. Not necessarily in that order.

4. I love to read and take a book with me everywhere I go. You never know when you are going to be stuck waiting in line, or in a traffic jam...

5. Everything I am wearing right now was purchased at Wal-Mart. I'm not big into fashion or designer labels.

Thanks I'm off to tag someone else!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Crazy Kamikaze Birds!!!

It snowed. It iced. And Matt decided the birds needed he bought a 50 pound bag of sunflower seeds and sprinkled it liberally around the house. It didn't take the birds too long to find it. And I have to admit, it was a wondrous sight to behold all the birds in our yard. We had jays...golden finches. But then they started flying into our windows!!! What the heck? I guess we cleaned them too well when we moved in. Several times a day, we hear a THUD! And discover feathers stuck to the windows. I wonder...does our house insurance have a bird suicide clause? Because if this keeps up, we're going to end up with broken windows. Next time, Matt needs to put out the bird seed farther away from the house.

Here's my newest layout:

I've been having the best time playing with all the new paper I got for my birthday. I've gotten 18 layouts done so far (my goal is 104). I finally feel like I'm getting caught up.