Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Exciting things are happening!

So I'm the first to admit...I am really a bad blogger. I think I spend more time apologizing for not writing than I spend actually writing.

Today I have some exciting news...I will be going to work at The Scrap Nook in Bolivar!

I am so excited about starting this new chapter in my life. Seriously, can any of you think of a more perfect job for me? My official first day is Dec. 3 but I may be there a couple days next week too.

Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone! And wish me luck on my new adventure!


Blogger jan williams said...

Tanya, My name is Jan and I noticed we have the same name for our Blog.. I just thought I would drop by and say HI!!! Oh and scrapping is my passion!!!!

8:29 PM  

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